What is Aurous?

It's more than a token,
it's the future!

Aurous Ecosystem is a platform that creates limitless possibilities to wealth for its holders.

While other projects rely on market movements to provide profit for their community, Aurous Ecosystem is building secure, useful, & easy-to-use products based on blockchain technology to provide profits for it's community. This means no matter the direction of the market, holders of Aurous (AUS) will keep receiving profits from the Ecosystem. T&C applies! To start with, we will be lauching the following platforms, while others will follow later!

- VDF Gaming - An Online Casino Platform
Aurous will be developing its first usecase called "VDF Gaming - An Online Casino Platform". We have carried out various research and investigations and can boldly say the Casino industry is a mega money making industry. VDF Gaming combines Casino business models and Cryptocurrency opportunity to create an Online Casino Platform that will be played using BUSD, USDT and Aurous (AUS). This research and feasibility study gave us an estimated yearly revenue of over 50,000,000 USD.

- Holders Dividends Payment Platform
25% of profits from our Online Casino Platform and Profits of all products developed under the Aurous Ecosystem will be shared amongst Aurous holders accordingly. Aurous holders will be shareholders of Aurous Ecosystem. What this means is that holders of Aurous (AUS) are shareholders of the Online Casino Platform and other products developed under the Aurous Ecosystem, you will get to share from this profit according to your Aurous bag!

Why choose Aurous?

Competitive Advantages

Every decision made by Aurous Ecosystem is done putting the future into consideration. Holders get paid for holding Aurous. It is a shareholder payout structure, and all qualified shareholders get their share of profits made from the Ecosystem products for life! Our Holders Dividends represents our vision of being managed as a company and creating limitless possibilities to wealth for its holders without depending on price movements.

Blockchain Infrastructure

Aurous integrates blockchain technology with real life business models to provide revenue for its ecosystem. This is one reason the products developed within the ecosystem have real-life applications.

Easy Token Integration

Aurous (AUS) token contract is a standard BEP-20 contract with no limitation. This is to enable us get into big exchanges easily and integrate with various types of Dapp without complications.

Global System and Secure

Products within our ecosystem will be used globally by millions of people! Security is a top priority for us, and we made sure our products are secured to ensure a safe environment for all users.



Aurous (AUS) is the governance token of every product under the Aurous Ecosystem. It is a BEP-20 token on Binance Smart Chain with the contract address: 0xdfa2352e0399f2455bc82374e51f41089b4c2a77

Total Supply

1,000,000,000 AUS

Circulating Supply

1,000,000,000 AUS


930,000,000 AUS

Casino Bankroll & Marketing

30,000,000 AUS

Airdrop Campaign

5,000,000 AUS

Dev & Team

35,000,000 AUS

0% Tax on BUY/SELL
The contract is a standard BEP-20 contract with 0% (zero) transaction tax on buy/sell and no limitation. This is to enable us get into big exchanges easily and integrate with various types of Dapp without complications.

Casino Profit Sharing Structure
25% of Casino profit will be shared amongst Aurous token holders monthly, 30% Back to Casino Bankroll, 30% VDF Gaming Investors, 5% Team, 9% Marketing & Operations, and 1% to Aurous Administrators

The same profit sharing structure may be used for other future products developed under the Aurous Ecosystem



This will be extended to 2 years afterwards, and then locked to 100 years or more!


Our Prospective Roadmap v1

With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.


An Online Casino Platform

Test your luck with our Online Casino Platform. Enjoy these exciting games and win big time!

There are three ways to make money from our Online Casino. It's either you are playing to WIN, or you are the "House" by holding Aurous (AUS) tokens sharing from 25% profit, or you are one of our major investors to the Online Casino Platform sharing from 30% profit! And who says you can't do all three?

VDF Gaming - Online Casino Platform will feature various casino games such as, but not limited to:

  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack
  • Caribbean Poker
  • Crash
  • Lucky Wheel
  • Keno Lottery
  • Slots
  • Roulette
  • and more...
Our Team

The Leadership Team

The Aurous Ecosystem Team combines a passion for cryptocurrency, industry experise & experience in finance, development, marketing & licensing

C. D. E.

Evans C. D. E.


8 years experience in Business Development and Marketing Strategies

Got into cryptocurrency 2013

Business Development 95%
Developing Marketing Strategies 92%
Blockchain 85%
Decentralization 88%
A. E.

Dominic A. E.

COO & Web Developer

5 years experience in Web Development

Web Development 100%
Graphics Designer

Esther O.

Graphic Designer

6 years experience using Adobe Photoshop.

A keen eye for details and Blockchain Enthusiast.

Graphic Design 100%
Blockchain Dev

Leonardo J.

Blockchain Developer

Blockchain 96%
Decentralization 100%

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